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Essential Oils Andaromatherapy Can Relieve Stress And Tension


For as long as man has been looking for cures, essential oils and herbs have been a mainstay for their soothing properties that help alleviate anxiety, tension caused by stress, insomnia, and similar issues. Aromatherapy dates back more than 5000 years and is one of the most readily available forms of healing therapy. Many plant essences can help to bring on a calm, relaxed state of mind.

The most rapid method of absorbing essential oils is inhalation. Smell is one of our five basic senses and is strongly associated with mood. Our sense of smell is the most direct path to our emotions. In times of stress, a few deep breaths while inhaling a soothing essential oil may provide relief. Many find comfort relaxing in a darken room or warm bath while their favorite aroma is warmed over a candle. Lavender rosemary and chamomile are excellent oils that help relax and relieve stress, , Juniper berry is good for reducing anxiety and anger, Sandalwood is good for insomnia and depression. The list is long. You may even try a combination of oils to find the perfect match for you.

Essential oils can enhance the experience of meditation and self-reflection. A massage using certain essential oils can relieve stress and anxiety. Application of essential oils to the skin require dilution first. Essential oils find their way into massage oils, lotions, creams, balms, body gel, soap & shampoo making these products the most popular way oils are applied to the skin. The combination of aroma and the physical muscle manipulation can invoke deep relaxation.

The rise in popularity of aromatherapy has continued to grow rapidly over the past decade in the USA due to the increasing demand for alternative and holistic healing methods. You can buy a range of essential oils at specialty online shops, over the counter in pharmacies, health food and vitamin shops and even at the neighborhood grocery store.
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