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A Vacation in a Day


A spa vacation package doesn't have to last a full week, three days, or even a complete weekend. Some spa packages can revitalize a person in just under a day, though longer spa vacation packages can have much longer lasting results. When looking into a day-trip to the spa you can often choose two or three different treatments to be put together in your mini spa vacation package, so here's a short, comprehensive list of some of the treatments you can try.


This is a traditional massage that hails from Asia. Originally based upon the belief that applying pressure to key points releases the tension built up from blocked energy flows in the body, it is now given a more scientific backing as some studies show that pressure triggers the body to release endorphins in a natural reaction, promoting relaxation and healing.

Craniosacral Massage

A light-touch massage that focuses only on the head using acupressure therapy to help alleviate tension, and since only the head is involved it can make a good starter treatment on your spa vacation package, particularly if you are shy about disrobing in front of a stranger.


Often included with manicures and pedicures, this pressure-point massage originating in Asia focuses mainly on specific nerve locations in the feet, hands and ears, and can be a wonderful addition to any mini spa vacation package. When the points are pressed tension is released in corresponding organs and nerve locations throughout the body. The reflex zones are organized in a way that represents the whole body.

According to some studies, approximately 75% of all illnesses are said to be related to stress. Reflexology could keep us free from the feeling of lacking motivation, tiredness, and inability to concentrate. Caution is advised in pregnant women, based on reports that rigorous stimulation of the feet may cause contractions of the uterus.

It is claimed that reflexology opens pathways to renew ourselves and boost our energy level, immediately after treatment and for several days afterwards. Stimulation of the foot can unblock and increase the flow of vital energy to various unhealthy parts of the body and promote healing. Clients often fall asleep and describe the experience as the most relaxing hours of their day.


Perhaps you've heard tales, or seen photos, of light-weight therapists walking along patient's backs. This form of massage is known as Shiatsu and originated in Japan. While the massage traditionally is performed with the patient lying on the floor fully clothed, modern spas usually keep their guests on the massage table.

Stone Massage

A relatively new trend in spa treatments, stone massage is one of the New Age varieties. Various stones are believed to have unique effects based on their properties, and depending on the discomfort in a particular area being treated with the massage, certain stones are laid out along the Chakra in an effort to help balance the energy flow throughout the body once more. The stones are often warmed before being placed on the skin, and the muscles they rest upon are usually kneaded with the stones before they are removed again.


Hydrotherapy is another fun little activity you can add to your mini spa vacation package. It's essentially a relaxing soak in a hot Jacuzzi that allows your pores a chance to open up and sweat out toxins while simultaneously promoting mental and physical relaxation. Most of these Jacuzzis have water or air jets that can pulse at different settings, and oftentimes the therapist will add oils or salts to the water for an enhanced effect and possibly some aromatherapy.

Mineral Springs

A Mineral Springs Spa offers an on-site source of natural mineral, thermal or seawater used in hydrotherapy treatments. Valued for their medicinal properties since at least the Roman Era, mineral springs have been attributed with all sorts of magical properties with some of the claims being true while the rest are absolute nonsense.

Today's science has been known to say that various minerals, and particularly salts, can affect the person soaking in them in ways from drawing out toxins in the body to oxygenating the skin cells. Such a treatment is almost a must on the to-do list of any mini spa vacation package.

There are several other kinds of treatments you can add to your spa vacation package, some of which are available only from specific spas and are known as signature treatments from those locations. Any way you decide to go you're sure to have a relaxing day at the spa.
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Darlene Berkel
Visit and learn about the spa's aboard cruise ships. We also recommend for informative cruise reviews and cruise destinations.

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